Eleven Great Dane girls were entered in the 14 Apr 2019 Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers All-breed Dog Show. In the video linked below, you can see the 3 one-year-old puppies (Karra, Athena, and Rosie), the 2 dogs in American Bred Class (Sienna and Waimea), and 2 in Open (Dancer and Jade) compete for Winners Bitch (WB) and Reserve Winners Bitch (RWB). The WB then joined 4 champions of record (Cleo, Kailana, Aurora, and Zélie) in the Best of Breed (BOB) and Select judging. 
Results: BOB:  GCH Midnight Danes GOT Arya (Zélie); Select:  CH Midnight Danes GOT Cersei Lannister (Kailana); WB:  Midnight Danes Mother Rabbit V Fame (Rosie); RWB:  Midnight Danes GOT Brienne of Tarth (Sienna).
See all eleven girls and their people lined up on the picturesque show grounds as the closing scene!
Posted on Facebook is a short video of the birthday celebration we all had for the now two-year-old first Midnight Danes litter. I’ve attached a smaller version to this email–let’s hope you can get it!
Many thanks to all the owners and handlers who brought and showed dogs, and a special thanks to Herb & Jo Ann for food both days. And on Sunday thanks to Rella & Cory for bringing food, birthday gifts, and the cute dog-food birthday cake; and to Steve & Kathy for coffee and cake, and to Barbara & Sarah for more cake!